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Family-Owned and Operated: A Hillside Vineyard in the Heart of one of California's Pioneering Regions overlooking the Santa Cruz Mountains

Welcome to Bella Montagna Winery, a family-owned and operated gem nestled in the heart of Santa Clara, California. Our journey began in 2001 when Victor Klee's father, a seasoned real estate veteran with over 50 years of experience, stumbled upon a 13-acre property owned by the Girl Scouts of North America. Initially indifferent, Victor found himself enchanted by the property's potential, revealing captivating views of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

In a mere 18 months, the property underwent a magical transformation into a charming wedding venue, laying the foundation for Victor and Stacie's visionary dreams. Seeking wisdom from Steve Mirassou, a local vintner, and guided by Julio Covarrubias of Wente Vineyards, they planted 200 head-pruned vines in 2004, creating a vineyard as picturesque as the unfolding narrative of their story.

What began as a landscaping project evolved into a necessity for a retail outlet to showcase their wines. This led to the creation of the Vino Vino wine bar in San Pedro Market, becoming the perfect venue not only for their inaugural vintage but also for a curated selection of other wines. With Julio's sage advice, the vineyard expanded, introducing Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Sauvignon Blanc. The success of this venture ultimately sparked the opening of a second Vino Vino location in Sunnyvale.

As the vineyard matured, so did the quality of the harvests. Even amid the challenges posed during some years, the vineyard flourished, producing exceptional fruit. Bella Montagna’s winemaker, Collin Cranor, recognized the potential of the Cabernet, comparing it favorably to renowned regions like Stags Leap and Rutherford Bench.

Adapting to the changing landscape, Collin spearheaded direct-to-consumer efforts, leveraging distribution and technology to support Victor and Stacie. August 2023 marked our entrance into the Wineries of Santa Clara Valley, with our Cabernet stealing the spotlight at the prestigious Wine to Vine event, leaving an indelible impression on Master Sommeliers, including the esteemed Evan Goldstein.

At Bella Montagna Winery, we invite you to savor the culmination of our journey—exceptional wines that embody the passion and dedication poured into every bottle. Join us in celebrating the beauty of our vineyard, the richness of our history, and the exquisite taste of Bella Montagna wines, all while cherishing the whimsical story and passion of our founder Victor, who, amidst the excitement of purchasing the property, momentarily forgot he was engaged and only remembered to seek his wife's approval afterward. 

Thankfully, she’s on board now! With the growing excitement around the Bella brand and the unparalleled view that graces our estate, it's hard not to be captivated. We are delighted that you've taken the time to explore our story, and we genuinely look forward to the opportunity of hosting you, welcoming you to our estate, and sharing the extraordinary experience that is Bella Montagna Winery. Our goal is to produce a handful of world class wines that showcase the discernable qualities of our site and reflect the region's rich viticultural history.  We invite you to join us on this journey.

Cheers to shared moments and exceptional wines!